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Kidney Walk 2018

 If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know about my journey with kidney disease and my eventual transplant in March of this year. I was incredibly luck to have my cousin donate a kidney to me and was only on dialysis…


Where am I being led?

Twenty-four years ago my on-again, off-again boyfriend who I’d known between the ages of 16-24 died. I recall waking to the phone ringing the day after Halloween, quite hungover from the party the night before. The person on the phone (I have no idea…

"Whatever arises…Love That" ~Matt Kahn

  “When you acknowledge everything you love, you begin to love everything you acknowledge.” ~  Matt Kahn Image from: https://www.pinterest.com/donnafazz/energy-flow/ Do you remember the old song ‘Love the One You’re With’ by Crosby, Stills and Nash? It came out when I was about 2…