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Is it time to break through old conditioning?

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Are you living authentically?

Since my kidney transplant in March, I’ve made a whole lot of changes in my life. While I was on dialysis and off from the full time job I was able to take full advantage by taking life coaching courses and learning loads of…

The new normal

I dreamed last night that my mother was alive. It was Christmas in the dream and all of my family was gathered together at a house. In the dream my father was seeing someone else. I asked where mom was and was told she…

The wrong road

I dreamed last night that I was driving down a highway and there was a one lane road to the right of me. I looked over to it and saw the name of the road repeated three times in all capitals. I realized I…


I dreamt of my mom last night for the first time since she passed away in December. In the dream we were sitting in a porch somewhere surrounded by a canopy of trees. She was holding a baby and another young child sat beside…