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Reclining Twists

There are many ways to do twisting postures; in lunges, standing, seated, and laying down. The supine or reclining twists tend to be a little safer for people because of the support from the floor. A few of the more common twists are shown…


Tight shoulders?

If you have tight shoulders, here is a video to help. you out. Be prepared to find out just how tight the shoulders are!

Get the health you want!!

Each week I write an e-newsletter through MailChimp. This week features information on tight hips, a video about working the core and more! If you are interested, click the link. My latest e-newsletter

Padmasana~Lotus Pose

I’ve been exploring lotus pose in classes this week. This pose requires great hip flexibility, so doing some lead up poses to open the hips is an excellent idea. Most people in the western world have tight hips from the vast amount of sitting…

Restore Mind and Body

Image from: www.michellegirouard.com Starting tomorrow I’ll be teaching a new restorative yoga class that will incorporate thai yoga massage and reiki. My usual classes are vinyasa style and are geared toward building strength, particularly core strength, as well as all the other benefits you…

Bootie Camp Yoga

There’s a new fad out there called Bootie Camp Yoga. Is this real yoga you might ask? I would say it’s a yoga inspired workout. I did an online class with creator Michelle Tribelsi yesterday and well, it kind of kicked my butt! Will…

The Myth Behind Dandasana~Staff Pose

The cow herders of Vrindavan were led by Krishna’s father, Nanda. Nanda decided one day to honour the ruler of the heavens, Indra, through a ritual. Indra sends the clouds, and without the clouds there would be no rain and thus no grain to…

Halasana ~ Plough Pose

Krishna had an older brother, Balarama, who was also known as Haladhara because he always carried (dhara) a plough (hala). Krishna and Haladhara frequently quarreled, but they did come together to overcome many demons in the forests of Vrindavan. One afternoon, Haladhara decided that…