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Have you ever started on a road to make changes that will benefit you greatly, only to find yourself waining far too quickly? Losing motivation and deciding it isn’t worth it after all? Have you thought much about why you do that? Self-sabotage often…


Opening to Possibilities

Are you open to what is possible for you? At times I feel that I am completely open, other times my dreams and goals feel daunting. I suspect that’s the case for many people. If you are someone that is closed to possibilities, who…

Time to Smash your Goals!

I have a great tool for you to use to get clarity on your goals and set you up for success! Inside this workbook is are exercises to help you clarify what you really want in life, years worth planning, step development, motivation and…

Empowered Decision Making

Making decisions can be a difficult task for many. This is a process that can lead to fear of unknown outcomes or making the ‘wrong decision’. What many fail to realize is that when we don’t decide on anything, that’s a falsity – we’re…

Want it more than you fear it

I had a dream last night that an older man had collapsed on the floor of an art gallery and was seizing. Everyone in the room, including me, glanced his way but ignored him, still caught up in the art hanging on the the…

My New Life

I’ve written pretty extensively over the past year or so about all the things happening in my life, from kidney disease with decreasing function, having a fistula created in my arm, the work up of a donor, starting dialysis and finally having a transplant….

Dreams to Reality

I am so excited to share with you my Dreams to Reality Planner. I created this using techniques of neurolinguistic programming and coaching to help you uncover your values and most heart felt goals, and then set off to achieve them. By following the…

Finding the wisdom to follow my integrity

The beginning of the new year has been pretty relaxed and easy. I’ve been keeping myself busy planning for life after a transplant. Not having to work my full time job this past month or so has given such an opportunity to take stock….


We make lots of commitments over the course of our lives. Some we keep and some go to the wayside. Commitments to our work, our relationships, our studies, our personal development. It’s difficult to stay with a commitment, though, if it seems one-sided. Imagine…

Lojong Slogan 39 ~ All activities should be done with one intention

This is part 39 of my series on Lojong, Buddhist mindfulness training. How are your days filled? If you are like so many others, you’re busy running errands, answering e-mail, attending meetings, responding to requests for our time, meeting obligations, and on it goes….