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Rid yourself of upper back tension

If you’re like many people, sitting at a desk or driving a lot means upper back tension! Try this for getting a little more relaxed in those big back muscles. Advertisements


Happy Feet Challenge!

HAPPY FEET CHALLENGE Your feet work SO HARD for you ALL DAY LONG. This week I’m challenging you to show them some love by giving them a little massage! All you need is a tennis or lacrosse ball and a few minutes – you…

Why do you not want to change?

Sometimes when we say we want to change something about our lives, there are hidden reasons for staying exactly the same. There’s a certain comfort in it for sure. Even when we feel desperately about wanting change, underneath we may worry about what we’ll…

Is it time to break through old conditioning?

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Strategies for getting off sugar

A little while ago I wrote a post called Sugar, Sugar and this is a follow up to give you a few strategies to beating sugar cravings. When a craving hits, do a little check in with yourself. Are you thirsty? Often times we crave…

Black Friday

So it’s Black Friday today (which somehow ended up in Canada even though our Thanksgiving is in October). I know there are a lot of people that are shopping for gifts today and wanted to highlight a few things around gifting. First and foremost…

Free Webinar to Upgrade your Health

If it’s time for you to make lasting changes to your health I encourage you to join me for a free webinar. Find out more in my short video: Register at http://bit.ly/2RQ5fS8

An imposter amongst us

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome; feeling as if what you do is somehow fraudulent, that you are not truly qualified for the work you do or the role you play? It’s actually pretty common. It’s believed that this often starts with messages we…

What do you get to do today?

We often think about the endless tasks of everyday living, all the things that we have to do. What if, instead of thinking about what we have to do, we consider what we get to do? Today, for example, I’m studying for a fitness…

Are you stressed out? Try these tips!

Have you ever noticed that in times of greater stress we lose focus on taking care of ourselves? We put ourselves as the lowest priority when we really need to take greater care and have more compassion than ever for ourselves and out needs….