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As we move into a new year

Here we are at the end of another year. I’ve been working hard this year building my business, my brand if you will, and learning so much along the way. I’ve met incredible people, learned so much about myself and what I want from…


Lojong Slogan 39 ~ All activities should be done with one intention

This is part 39 of my series on Lojong, Buddhist mindfulness training. How are your days filled? If you are like so many others, you’re busy running errands, answering e-mail, attending meetings, responding to requests for our time, meeting obligations, and on it goes….

Lojong Slogan 31 ~ Don't Malign Others

This is part 31 of my series on Lojong, a Buddhist mind training technique Is it true? Is it useful? These are the questions asked when practicing satya (truthfulness) and ahimsa (nonharming) according to Judith Lancaster. This gets at the heart of this slogan…

Lojong Slogan 9: In All Activities, Train with Slogans

This is part 9 of my series on Lojong- Tibetan Buddhist mind training practice. Once you are clear on the Lojong slogans, you can bring them into everything that you do. You may find that they pop into your mind in particular situations. To…

The Center of Your Being


The new year for me always feels like a time of renewal. A time when we start fresh with intentions to create a better world or a better version of ourselves. To renew ourselves sometimes we need to draw inward. In yoga classes we…

World Healing Day

At noon Greenwich time, December 31, 1986, men, women, and children around the world gathered to participate in the most comprehensive prayer activity in the history– a planetary affirmation of peace, and love, forgiveness and understanding involving millions of people in a simultaneous global…