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18 Years and Counting

It was 18 years ago today that drank alcohol for the last time. A lot longer since I tool any drugs. of the non-prescription variety. In one way, that seems like a super long time! In another way, it’s the blink of an eye….


Are you living authentically?

Since my kidney transplant in March, I’ve made a whole lot of changes in my life. While I was on dialysis and off from the full time job I was able to take full advantage by taking life coaching courses and learning loads of…

Empowered Decision Making

Making decisions can be a difficult task for many. This is a process that can lead to fear of unknown outcomes or making the ‘wrong decision’. What many fail to realize is that when we don’t decide on anything, that’s a falsity – we’re…

The Big 5-0

I’m the big 5-0 today and reflecting on life so far. I’ve learned a lot of stuff over my 50 years, and have loads left to learn I’m sure, one of the things I’ve been considering is who I am. This can be a…