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Want it more than you fear it

I had a dream last night that an older man had collapsed on the floor of an art gallery and was seizing. Everyone in the room, including me, glanced his way but ignored him, still caught up in the art hanging on the the…


Lojong Slogan 36 ~ Don't Act With A Twist

This is part 36 of my series on Lojong; a Buddhist mind training technique With this slogan we are asked to examine our ulterior motives for the things we do. Acting with a twist is to act in a way that advances our own…

Focus… or dare I say discipline?

Sometimes when we hear the word discipline we become uncomfortable. It doesn’t have good connotations. It can be associated with a lack of freedom. When we consider what it is to be disciplined though, it can actually create freedom. What I’m referring to is…