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The Intense Restructuring of a Yogi

“Siddha refers to a yogi who has perfected yoga and achieved mastery over the gunas, so that his or her body and mind are composed primarily of sattva guna, the quality of nature associated with lightness and consciousness. With this lightness, great powers, called…


Simhasana~Lion's Pose

In ancient times there was a demonic ruler named Hiranyakashipu. He gained his power by standing on his toes for 100 years after which time Brahma had no choice but to grant him a wish. Hiranyakashipu wished for immortality, but because Brahma himself was…

Matsyendrasana ~ Lord of the Fishes

Shiva, the destroyer, came out of a ten thousand year meditation and decided to descend Mount Kailish to visit his beloved Parvati. Parvati had a way of knowing such things and knew that he would come on this day and put together a picnic…