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Finding the sweet spot

Have you ever participated in a yoga asana class in which the teacher has asked that you ‘try easy’ or ‘ find the ease within your effort’ or something along those lines? At that moment have you been experiencing pain from holding the pose…


Happy New Year!

Did you make a new year’s resolutions this year? If so, were you gentle with yourself? It’s important when we make resolutions or intentions that they are not based in fear. Whenever we act from fear or self- loathing of any kind we do…

Titibasana ~ Firefly Pose

I was practicing titibasana today and thought I’d do a post on it. It’s one of my favourite poses (I love arm balancing!). This pose requires a strong core and you need to know how to engage it. It’s important to know how to…

Before you speak

This is a simple way to practice ahimsa, non-harming, one of the yamas or restraints of yoga.

Martin Luther King Day

This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. brings to mind the yoga concept of Ahmisa, non-harming. When we truly practice non-harming we look at what violence takes place within our own minds. Our thoughts are very powerful, choose them wisely. When our thoughts are…