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May we be safe

I just did my morning meditation in which I was using the phrases in the graphic. This was a guided meditation with Kristin Neff . Sometimes, when we find it difficult to still our minds, guided meditations are a wonderful tool. And there are…


My weekly updates

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The Illusion of Control

Do you try to control what happens in your life? How does that work out for you? I have been a controlling person and I can tell you hat it was like for me. I went crazy with stress and anger. Plus i never…

Be a Donor Month❤️

Left: my cousin and I the evening before our surgeries I have to admit, I keep calling April “donor appreciation month” I guess that’s what it feels like to me after receiving a kidney from my hero cousin As if donating a kidney to…

The Glorification of Busy

I started back to work this week after being off on short term disability for 5 months. I was a bit nervous coming back because I knew how stressed I had been before I left and knew I never wanted to experience that again….

My New Life

I’ve written pretty extensively over the past year or so about all the things happening in my life, from kidney disease with decreasing function, having a fistula created in my arm, the work up of a donor, starting dialysis and finally having a transplant….

Those you count on

I’ve learned an important lesson over the past few months. Illness, and other major life events or crises, teach you who is truly in your corner. I’ve had so much support, some from very unexpected sources. I’ve also had a lack of support from…

It’s a date!

I got word today that the date of my kidney transplant is set. It’s in a very short two and a half weeks! Hard to believe after all this time of waiting and wondering that it’s going to happen. It’s been almost a year…

I am my own knight in shining armour

As part of my planning for life after transplant I’ve been taking a practitioner course in neurolinguistic programming, or NLP. This is a type of coaching or therapy that aims to move people from being stuck into pursuing some desired state (in a very…

Finding the wisdom to follow my integrity

The beginning of the new year has been pretty relaxed and easy. I’ve been keeping myself busy planning for life after a transplant. Not having to work my full time job this past month or so has given such an opportunity to take stock….