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Pssst…have you heard?  I found out this week that there was a rumour going around my partner’s work place about me: that I was terminally ill and dying! His co-worker was asking if he was excited for his upcoming trip and asked who he…



  It is often said that our greatest teachers are those with whom we have a troubled relationship. Workplaces are one place we encounter these relationships with frequency. It doesn’t matter where we work, there seems to always be that one person who makes…

Lojong 14: Seeing confusion as the four kayas Is unsurpassable shunyata protection

This is part 14 of my lojong series, a Buddhist mind-training technique. This slogan asks that we examine our mind when confused; to see the process behind confusion. In doing so, we recognize that the mind always operates through the same process- continual awakening….

Be a Hero!

Scott Goodknight graciously allowed me to share this post on my blog. I read it in a post of his on Facebook and immediately wanted to know more abut him. I encourage you to read his story on his website www.FindingYourHero.com: There is an ancient Greek myth…