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Is it time to break through old conditioning?

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My New Site!

I’ve had a business site for quite some time and have finally decided to host everything under the one site- www.reenadavis.com. All of my blog posts have been moved over and so have you, my followers. I’m completely submersed in my new passion of…

18 Years and Counting

It was 18 years ago today that drank alcohol for the last time. A lot longer since I tool any drugs. of the non-prescription variety. In one way, that seems like a super long time! In another way, it’s the blink of an eye….

Climb Over Bored

When my daughter was about 13 or 14 I found a bottle of vodka under her pillow. Clearly she wasn’t all that good at finding hiding spots, but I digress. I dumped the vodka down the drain and put the empty bottle back in…

From Darkness into Light

When I was a teen I wrote a lot of poetry; very dark poetry. There were a lot of messages about suicide in the words that came from me. It terrified my mother. I didn’t have a lot of value for my own life…