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Slow down and pay attention

What is your body trying to tell you? Try this short restorative yoga practice with meditation to help you determine just that. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post about the solstice, see it hereĀ for a bit of context about slowing down this time of…


Self careĀ 

For my self care today I went to a restorative yoga class that included a 30 minute yoga nidra. It was very relaxing and meditative. I had a lovely practice with a lovely teacher, Helen Fong. Helen is one of those teaches who says…

Restore Mind and Body

Image from: www.michellegirouard.com Starting tomorrow I’ll be teaching a new restorative yoga class that will incorporate thai yoga massage and reiki. My usual classes are vinyasa style and are geared toward building strength, particularly core strength, as well as all the other benefits you…