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Love the Life you’re Living



Find your life’s purpose

I am a goal oriented person. I create personal and business goals and make lists of the steps I need to take to get there. I have my business plan laid out in a document that incorporates all business aspects, meaning what marketing is required, finance required,…

A Course in Mindfulness

With its roots in Buddhism, mindfulness is an art unto itself. The practice allows us to slow down and to enjoy our moment to moment pleasures as well as deal with those situations that arise in the moment without carrying them throughout the days…

Tight shoulders?

If you have tight shoulders, here is a video to help. you out. Be prepared to find out just how tight the shoulders are!

As we move into a new year

Here we are at the end of another year. I’ve been working hard this year building my business, my brand if you will, and learning so much along the way. I’ve met incredible people, learned so much about myself and what I want from…

Happy Feet Challenge!

HAPPY FEET CHALLENGE Your feet work SO HARD for you ALL DAY LONG. This week I’m challenging you to show them some love by giving them a little massage! All you need is a tennis or lacrosse ball and a few minutes – you…

Black Friday

So it’s Black Friday today (which somehow ended up in Canada even though our Thanksgiving is in October). I know there are a lot of people that are shopping for gifts today and wanted to highlight a few things around gifting. First and foremost…

Are you stressed out? Try these tips!

Have you ever noticed that in times of greater stress we lose focus on taking care of ourselves? We put ourselves as the lowest priority when we really need to take greater care and have more compassion than ever for ourselves and out needs….

Get two for one!

Retreats are always better with a friend! It gives you an accountability partner, more motivation and a different level of support. I’m putting my virtual retreat package on a BOGO- buy one and get the second free – from August 1 – 15 only….

International Self Care Day

July 24th marks international self care day! That’s great to focus in some way everyday, and especially today. So far I’ve taught yoga and will be doing massage and coaching a bit later. That’s for other people’s self care. Then I plan to sit…