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Have you ever started on a road to make changes that will benefit you greatly, only to find yourself waining far too quickly? Losing motivation and deciding it isn’t worth it after all? Have you thought much about why you do that? Self-sabotage often…


Is it time to break through old conditioning?

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An imposter amongst us

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome; feeling as if what you do is somehow fraudulent, that you are not truly qualified for the work you do or the role you play? It’s actually pretty common. It’s believed that this often starts with messages we…

Discipline is a dirty word

In yoga philosophy the concept of discipline (specifically self-discipline) is referred to as niyamas. It covers cleanliness, contentment, spiritual austerities, study of sacred scripture and surrender to God. That might not be the kind of discipline you’re used to hearing about, because the restraints…


We make lots of commitments over the course of our lives. Some we keep and some go to the wayside. Commitments to our work, our relationships, our studies, our personal development. It’s difficult to stay with a commitment, though, if it seems one-sided. Imagine…

The Foundation for Abundance

I Can! I Will!

This is a great message as we move into a new year!