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Ted Talk on Depression

I just watched this talk on depression with Stephen Ilardi. If you have 20 minutes this is a very important topic to so many people in today’s civilization.  https://upliftconnect.com/depression-disease-civilisation/ Advertisements


We the feminists

I was with one of my sisters tonight. While we were chatting she mentioned that I had said something strange in my last blog post. I wrote about an experience in my teen years where I was called “the one with the looks” while…

Laci Green on Sexual Objectification

This video is a well articulated view of objectification of women in our society. It truly makes you think.

Thoughts inspired from a juice fast

This Thursday I began what I intend to be a weekly one day juice fast. I have suddenly become addicted to juicing, but I digress. When telling a friend that I was doing this she said “Imagine how skinny you’ll be” and then followed…