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At ease

I’m writing this from my bedroom where I’m listening to the birds sing and watching rainbows shimmer on the wall from the crystal that hangs in my window. The crystal is a large ball and above it there is a hummingbird. It’s very meaningful…


The Inevitable Crash

While we strive to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, there are times when everything goes wrong. The power goes out, we find out on a long drive that the healthier place where you were planning to eat closed down, you get sick – anything…

Have you visited my product page lately?

I have a lot of new products available right now! From soaps (which are the funnest thing in the world to make!) to aromatherapy jewelry, I have loads of product going on. I’ve been enjoying making these items and have become a bit of…

Rid yourself of upper back tension

If you’re like many people, sitting at a desk or driving a lot means upper back tension! Try this for getting a little more relaxed in those big back muscles.

Happy Feet Challenge!

HAPPY FEET CHALLENGE Your feet work SO HARD for you ALL DAY LONG. This week I’m challenging you to show them some love by giving them a little massage! All you need is a tennis or lacrosse ball and a few minutes – you…

Is it time to break through old conditioning?

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Are you stressed out? Try these tips!

Have you ever noticed that in times of greater stress we lose focus on taking care of ourselves? We put ourselves as the lowest priority when we really need to take greater care and have more compassion than ever for ourselves and out needs….

Feeling supported

The other day at work started quite disastrously. I went in early to upgrade software that we use for our entire database of clients. It typically takes me about 30-60 minutes to complete so I can get it done before most people even arrive,…

The Glorification of Busy

I started back to work this week after being off on short term disability for 5 months. I was a bit nervous coming back because I knew how stressed I had been before I left and knew I never wanted to experience that again….

My New Life

I’ve written pretty extensively over the past year or so about all the things happening in my life, from kidney disease with decreasing function, having a fistula created in my arm, the work up of a donor, starting dialysis and finally having a transplant….