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Kleshas ~ The Cause of Suffering

Suffering is optional, it doesn’t feel that way and it’s a tough thing to wrap our heads around for sure, but optional none the less. According to yogis the reason that we suffer in life is the Kleshas. The five main kleshas are described…


Always be willing to let it go

When I did my yoga teacher training back in 2011 one of my teachers told us stories about coming to the West from India and being introduced to root beer. He loved root beer! It was so delicious and he couldn’t get enough of…

Lojong Slogan 10: Begin the sequence of sending and taking with yourself

This is part 10 of my Lojong series, the Buddhist mind training teachings This slogan asks that we begin to look at our own suffering, to really get to know it, to feel it, to examine why it stays with us, what keeps it…