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Death of a Guru

Wayne Dyer has passed away. He didn’t refer to himself as a guru, but I think of him as one. Through his words whether written or spoken, I found great wisdom, great motivation and just good sense. His words weren’t complicated, he didn’t over…


I choose to be a host to God

I just came from seeing Dr. Wayne Dyer. I never thought I’d get the chance to see him in person, but today he was in Halifax. It was very exciting. When he came on stage I asked the woman next to me that I’d…

Be Kind to Bring Peace

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Believe it!

Last thoughts

“As you lie in bed preparing for your nightly slumber, remember that the last thought you have in your mind can last up to four hours in your subconscious mind.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne Dyer on Forgiveness


There are four Sanskrit words that describe imagination. Vikalpa is a random image or fantasy; kalpana is a more intentional imagining; pratibha describes a spontaneous insight; and bhavana is the Sanskrit word describing visioning. Vikalpas are the thoughts that randomly pop up in our…