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Take charge of your health

I’ve put together a short course on Udemy called Take Charge of your Health! Tune in to learn tips on the following: What sugar is doing to your body Why some fats are absolutely vital Why low fat and fat free need to get…


Is it time to break through old conditioning?

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Free Webinar to Upgrade your Health

If it’s time for you to make lasting changes to your health I encourage you to join me for a free webinar. Find out more in my short video: Register at http://bit.ly/2RQ5fS8

The cleanse starts Monday!

In my last post I told you about the 14 day cleanse that I’m offering. I have a start date now – Monday, September 24th, which is perfect because that’s also when the fun moon is. A full moon is a perfect time to…

The 14 Day Body Reset

If you are interested in taking part in a guided cleanse this is your time! Take part in a group go save 50% on my already low rate of $97 (CDN). Done completely online over Zoom, you can take part from anywhere in the…

Health coaching vs Life coaching

I am sometimes asked what the difference is between health and life coaching (or simply what health coaching is in general). So I made a short video that talks about that very thing! Health and life coaching can help you to determine what’s getting…

Get two for one!

Retreats are always better with a friend! It gives you an accountability partner, more motivation and a different level of support. I’m putting my virtual retreat package on a BOGO- buy one and get the second free – from August 1 – 15 only….

What are you missing out on?

When we are looking at attaining a goal it sometimes feel as if it isn’t possible. It feels too big, there are too many obstacles in the way of getting there or we don’t feel adequate in our skills or our abilities to achieve…