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Thai yoga massage combines the best of yoga with the best of massage. It is done fully clothed on  a special mat on the floor. The practitioner takes you through several stretches and massages the entire body. This dynamic form of massage is very relaxing and opens the body, loosening muscles and joints alike.

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This is a physical application of metta, or loving kindness. The practitioner provides a safe, warm atmosphere for the client so that they can fully relax and let go.


The following classes are available for $32.50 per month. A minimum starting commitment is 3 months, paid monthly. Please provide a minimum of 30 days notice for cancellations.  Purchase your first month here and register for a class here. Schedule Appointment

Monday evening’s at 6pm
Nalanda Bodhi located at 6218 Quinpool Road (Maximum 10 per class)

All levels yoga/pilates fusion: This class offers a great deal of variety, drawing on many different disciplines of yoga and pilates.  A major focus in this class is building core strength to help posture and alignment, as well as helping participants to explore their own physical and mental limits to make the practice their own.  This all levels class is challenging, but it is in the challenge that we learn to relax the mind and deal with stress more effectively.  Options are given to back away from, or go deeper into poses to suit the needs of participants.

Wednesday’s at 12noon
Nalanda Bodhi (max 10 per class)
Yoga Flow: This class will be a more relaxed vinyasa style. If you’re looking to get back to the basics of yoga – slowing down, focusing on the breath and connecting mind and body- this is the one for you.

Thursday at 5:30pm
Nalanda Bodhi (max 8 per class)
Restora-Thai: This class will focus on restorative poses held for long intervals, breath work and will incorporate aspects of thai yoga massage and/or reiki. This is a dine almost entirely while laying on the floor, sometimes using props and is intended to relax the mind and body, build flexibility and release tension and stress held in the body.

Participant review:

“For anyone who drives long distances, sits for long periods of time or feels tight in their shoulders, neck or hips….this is a perfect way to loosen those muscles. It doesn’t involve a big energy output but you leave feeling energized!” B.E, 2018

Friday’s at noon
Nalanda Bodhi (Max 12 per class)
Yoga for Swimmers: You do not need to be a swimmer to take this class! We’ll be working on the muscles important to swimmers – shoulders, hips and core. That means lots of core work, hip opening, shoulder opening and strengthening. These happen to be the same groups that many of us need to open due to sitting at desks. Get targeted in your efforts with this vinyasa flow.

Friday’s at 5:30pm
Nalanda Bodhi
Cardio Bootie Burn: Starting with light movement to get the joints on board, we’ll move into a cardio sequence taking basic moves to get the heart and lungs pumping! We’ll do about 20 minutes of cardio before burning out our glutes! Come have fun and get the butt work you’ve been looking for to keep a healthy back and great shape.

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